Genesys talking to potential buyers?

Judging by the lack of reactions in the blogosphere and on Twitter, if there are buyout discussions of Genesys they are probably in the very early stages, if any at all…

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Verizon buys AOL, completes portfolio offering from dial-up to FiOS

I’m kidding! We all know Verizon wants AOL for the its CD printing business.

Okay, joking aside… This deal is about AOL’s content and advertising platform. Verizon has the fat pipes, and it wants to have a slice of the content pie.

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Cisco’s new act

Major news coming out of the company known for putting “pass me the ball” into the enterprise vernacular. Under the leadership of CEO John Chambers, Cisco has acquired many diverse companies, and when it bought WebEx it was making a strong statement that the company won’t be a networking one-trick pony.

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