Genesys gobbles up Echopass, continues cloud expansion

Apparently Genesys still isn’t satisfied at its position in cloud contact center offerings. Today the company announced the acquisition of Echopass Corporation based in Pleasanton, CA. According to the press release, Genesys has 1,250 cloud customers, and it’s looking for more.

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Contact centers are the data centers

This blog post is sponsored by the Zero Distance Community and T-Systems.

There is a lot of talk about big data these days, the challenge of gathering, processing, and analyzing massive amounts of data to gain a strategic advantage over competitors. Retailers apply it to react quickly to competitive pricing; pharmaceutical firms use it to discover potential drugs quicker; and even during this year’s America’s Cup, teams dealt with big data in tweaking the design of catamarans for the race on San Francisco Bay.

Companies may realize the importance of big data but often wonder where to source the data. Well, there’s no need to look far…

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