Ex-Nortel employees run massive patent consortium

Nortel is no longer with us, but its legacy is without denying. And not just from the old Nortel PBXs and desk phones you still see once in a while, but something of greater impact to businesses.

Patents. Thousands of them.

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Enterprise Connect 2014: Not again! Genesys announces another acquisition

On March 18 Genesys announced the acquisition of Solariat assets, primarily the SocialOptimizr social analytics product. Genesys has been on a buying spree for the past year or so, mostly focused on expanding its cloud portfolio and customer base. But the Solariat acquisition will no doubt be fitted into Genesys’ continued efforts to improve its Customer Experience Platform.

I’ll be the first to admit: I’ve never heard of Solariat and/or SocialOptimizr. Which makes this announcement even more intriguing…

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Get ready for Enterprise Connect 2014

The Gaylord Palms in Orlando — a.k.a. The Biodome — once again hosts the conference that allows attendees an excuse to descend upon the Land of Mega Theme Parks. What better way to spend four days away from the office, in sunny Florida, learning about technologies and services you may (or may not) use, while just a hop away from worlds of magic and make-believe?

Enterprise Connect 2014 is bigger and better, and just as its name evolved from VoiceCon, each year the event aims to bring together the most relevant enterprise communications vendors to demonstrate their latest equipment, software, and services. Long ago it was just about SIP, then video became big, followed by social and collaboration, cloud, and now…?

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