Genesys strengthens speech analytics and WFO with UTOPY acquisition

Sponsored by Angel, a leading provider of cloud-based Customer Experience solutions for IVR and contact centers.

There’s no shortage of excitement coming from Genesys since the new year. On Jan. 28 the company announced record revenues year over year to the tune of $610 million. But the bigger news came a day later as it made public its first acquisition in 2013, a company with a funny name, UTOPY.

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Crowdsourced IVR app?

Sponsored by Angel, a leading provider of cloud-based Customer Experience solutions for IVR and contact centers.

 IVR applications are usually an integral part of any contact center implementation. An IVR application is typically what a customer first encounters in his/her quest for service. But how do IVR applications come to fruition?

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What WebRTC means for the contact center

Sponsored by Angel, a leading provider of cloud-based Customer Experience solutions for IVR and contact centers.

One of the terms you should get used to hearing a lot in 2013 is WebRTC. Don’t let the techie TLA (that’s Three Letter Acronym) scare you — RTC means simply real-time communications, primarily in the form of audio and video.

But we’re already doing a lot of that right now, right? Web apps like Google Voice, TinyChat, TokBox, Facebook Messenger, etc. each have their user base. However, like a lot of emerging technologies, the challenge has been having it work consistently across multiple platforms.

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Genesys certified for Microsoft Lync

Well this is it — there’s nothing left in telephony that won’t work with Genesys.

Genesys SIP Server has been certified to work with Microsoft Lync Enterprise Voice. This means all the CTI goodness of Genesys can now be enjoyed by contact centers running on Lync.

There aren’t many Lync powered contact centers, I know, compared to those running on other platforms. But I have seen one with my own eyes, and it was a beautiful sight.

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Cisco IP phone hacked into bugging device

Ever get the feeling that somebody else is listening to your conversations at work? Does that Cisco IP phone sitting at your desk seem a bit creepy to you?

Well, you probably need professional psychiatric help then…

Just kidding. Not really. Maybe.

Recently at the 29th Chaos Communication Congress (29C3) a pair of very smart engineers from Columbia University presented a talk on how to exploit a vulnerability in the kernel code of Cisco Unified IP Phones 7900 Series version 9.3(1)SR1 (and prior).

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