Cisco’s new act

Major news coming out of the company known for putting “pass me the ball” into the enterprise vernacular. Under the leadership of CEO John Chambers, Cisco has acquired many diverse companies, and when it bought WebEx it was making a strong statement that the company won’t be a networking one-trick pony.

On May 1 Cisco board of directors elected Chuck Robbins to be the new CEO effective July 26, 2015. Chambers has led the company for 20 years – a very long time when it comes to the tech industry. He’s seen many ups and downs of the company, weathered the dot-com boom and bust, expanded Cisco’s portfolio to telecom and collaboration, and even ventured into the consumer market. Sure, some customers and analysts may view his certain decisions as mistakes, but the truth is that Chambers’ Cisco is still here today and is still a leader in networking and other areas.

A few days after the announcement of a new CEO, Cisco fires a press release about its intent to acquire Tropo. After laying the solid foundation of communications products and services, Cisco’s strategy now is to tie them together and branch out through cloud APIs. The Tropo buy will boost Cisco’s platform offering and put the company on the radars of thousands of developers.


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