Attending NICE Interactions 2014

Lucky me… I get to go to my first NICE global customer conference next week!

I will be one of the many Verizon folks in attendance. Big Red is a Gold Sponsor this year, which means Big Red can bring a big crowd. Please stop by the booth to say Hello!

I am fairly new to the NICE landscape so definitely looking forward to all the workshops and sessions, and meeting NICE folks as well as their other customers. Bonus: Steve Wozniak and Tony Hsieh are general session speakers!

So hope to see you in person at NICE Interactions 2014 next week, or if you cannot make it maybe follow you on Twitter via #nicei2014.


Now you can order Avaya with a side of Fonolo

Congratulations on the partnership with Avaya, you’ve certainly come a long way.

Fonolo was started to solve a problem we all have endured — phone in hand, listening to on-hold music, waiting for service. More importantly, it’s one of the more recent telecom startups to realize the disruptive force of the cloud.

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