This site is intended to be my happy writing place shared with the public.

Browse through stuff about the contact center industry and telecom in general (imported from the original InsideCTI blog). But now expect other topics that may be even more boring still…

Such as:

  • World affairs – Interactions between nations can greatly impact other regions.
  • Domestic politics – Elephants and donkeys and more.
  • Technology – Apple fanboy here. But I’ll nudge myself to blog about other cool stuff.
  • Food – Bacon, bacon, and more bacon.
  • Entertainment – Sometimes worthy of paying attention to. Sometimes.
  • Sports – Pocket billiards has a special place in my heart. Very maddening when you cannot use an approx. 60″ stick with a 13mm tip to hit a sphere into another sphere for it to enter a pocket that’s not much wider than itself.
  • Religion – God.

More about me


I do hold stocks of some of the tech companies mentioned on this blog. I’m by no means an active trader and most holdings are in retirement funds, such as IRAs and 401(k).

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