Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

Another year, another apocalypse averted. The fact that this blog still gets visitors is testament to the fact that contact centers are here to stay… There may be new channels, new technologies, new business models, but customer service will be a requirement for companies large and small. Check out the previous year-end review then read on…

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In memory of Michael Yancey

As I awoke Friday on a chilly Denver morning, all I was thinking about was mentally preparing for the exam on this last day of my NICE Systems fundamentals training. I grabbed my iPhone and was surprised to see quite a few messages from my former coworkers and friends back in the ol’ days of Williams Communications Solutions.

Mike passed away Thursday night after years of fighting cancer.

I was shocked and deeply saddened… God must needed somebody to help deploy a contact center staffed with angels. Why else would He take Mike?

You see, if there ever was a mentor in my career, it was Mike. Coming out of graduate school, I envisioned a career in software development in its most traditional sense — designing, coding, debugging, etc. But when I interviewed and then got hired into Williams Communications Solutions’ CCAT group (Contact Center Applications Team), I was thrown into an unfamiliar world of circuits, telephones, IVRs, ACD, and other odd acronyms.

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