In memory of Michael Yancey

As I awoke Friday on a chilly Denver morning, all I was thinking about was mentally preparing for the exam on this last day of my NICE Systems fundamentals training. I grabbed my iPhone and was surprised to see quite a few messages from my former coworkers and friends back in the ol’ days of Williams Communications Solutions.

Mike passed away Thursday night after years of fighting cancer.

I was shocked and deeply saddened… God must needed somebody to help deploy a contact center staffed with angels. Why else would He take Mike?

You see, if there ever was a mentor in my career, it was Mike. Coming out of graduate school, I envisioned a career in software development in its most traditional sense — designing, coding, debugging, etc. But when I interviewed and then got hired into Williams Communications Solutions’ CCAT group (Contact Center Applications Team), I was thrown into an unfamiliar world of circuits, telephones, IVRs, ACD, and other odd acronyms.

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