WebRTC, threat or opportunity?

For once a geek-worthy conference was held in my backyard, the city of Atlanta. WebRTC Conference & Expo (east) was June 25-27 and showcased some well-known corporate sponsors such Google, Mozilla, Plantronics, and Avaya.

Alcatel-Lucent and Genesys were both present – awkward…?

And how do you know WebRTC has become mainstream? Even Oracle had a booth at the expo.

I went for the Wednesday evening demo session that ran for two hours where companies got to demonstrate their WebRTC goodies in front of an audience. Most of the companies were lean and started by fairly young techies, some came from as far as Spain and Brazil. That fact alone told me that WebRTC is going to be a global disruptive phenomenon. Young programmers dig it, from Silicon Valley, USA, to South America, to Europe.

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