Now you can order Avaya with a side of Fonolo

Congratulations on the partnership with Avaya, you’ve certainly come a long way.

Fonolo was started to solve a problem we all have endured — phone in hand, listening to on-hold music, waiting for service. More importantly, it’s one of the more recent telecom startups to realize the disruptive force of the cloud.

Instead of having to buy expensive on-premise hardware to handle virtual queuing and pay for software licenses, Fonolo came out with a way to do this in the cloud and offered the product as a software subscription. If you’re in the telecom industry you’d know that this would be a tough market to crack, not only because companies have already invested tens of thousands of dollars in equipment, but also because most telecom vendors keep their technologies a guarded secret (or require fees to have a peak).

Fonolo needed to convince potential customers that its solution will recoup the expenditures made in traditional hardware, and it needed to prove that its technology can work seamlessly with existing solutions from major vendors.

With this landmark Avaya deal, Fonolo has done the near impossible in the telecom market. It is also encouraging to see a company like Avaya embracing such an product offering directly through itself and its channels. Avaya wants to be cloud friendly and developer friendly, and this deal with Fonolo speaks volumes in that regard.


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