Comcast the most hated ISP according to FCC info

Not everything you read or hear on the Internet is true. For example, is Comcast really the most hated ISP in America?

Ars Technica actually filed a Freedom of Information Act request to the FCC and got the answer:

We’ve written about complaints filed against Comcastbefore, but we also wanted to find out how those complaints compared to Comcast’s top rivals. So we filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FCC, seeking information on three major types of Internet provider complaints: availability, billing, and speed.

In those categories, Comcast received 11,812 complaints so far this year (from January 1 to November 9). AT&T got 3,896 such complaints, Verizon got 1,588, and TWC had 1,240. In total, AT&T, Verizon, and TWC received 6,724 such complaints—5,000 fewer than Comcast alone.

Comcast gets complaints about many things, but frustration with its 300GB-per-month data cap and its overage charges appear to drive much of the most recent outrage. (AT&T also imposes data caps ranging from 150GB to 1TB a month, but the 150GB cap on entry-level DSL is reportedly the only one that’s enforcedVerizon and TWC don’t limit data usage as strictly as Comcast.)

Ever wonder why Google decided to get into the costly business of laying fiber to become an ISP? Because there’s good money to be made when potential customers are so mad about their existing provider.


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