These are a few of my favorite things (2015)

This is the obligatory year-end post. Hey, every other blogger is doing it… Here are some of my favorite things in 2015:

  • iPhone 6 Plus – Upgraded from the 5s. The 6 Plus is gigantic. I have hit my face a few times trying to use it while lying down (Ow!). But the battery life is great!
  • AppleWatch – I wasn’t blown away when Apple unveiled this wearable gadget. I received one as a gift, tried it, and been wearing it everyday since I got it (about three months). Apple did not oversell this – it’s a great smartwatch that complements the iPhone.
  • Laptop SSD upgrades – My 2010 MacBook Pro was starting to show its age but still usable. It’d take minutes to reboot and the time it took to launch apps afforded me bathroom or coffee breaks. SSD prices have dropped enough to make it worthwhile as HD replacements. Performing surgery on the MBP wasn’t difficult, either. Now the trusty ol’ MBP is zippy once again with an OWC Mercury Electra 6G SSD (system) and a Samsung 850 EVO (photo library).
  • All-Clad cookware – I’m no chef but you can definitely feel and see the quality of these American-made pots and pans. Too bad they don’t make me a better cook…
  • Portable charger – Fast becoming a must-have in any portable gadget arsenal because there’s not always a power outlet available. The Anker PowerCore 10400 served me well on a few camping trips.
  • Ooma Telo VoIP phone – 2015 was the year we decided not to give AT&T any more money for a landline, although we remain a U-Verse customer. Ooma paid for itself in four months (three if we hadn’t decided to port the number) – should’ve done it sooner for more savings…
  • Third-party fuel cap – What’s worse than the consequence of eating a contaminated bean burrito for lunch? Seeing the “Check Engine” light come on in your car. Word of advice: Save yourself time and gas by just ordering online a cheap 3rd-party fuel cap (Stant makes a few). That’s the most common scenario – it’s happened to me twice with two different automobiles, and each time replacing the fuel cap worked.
  • YouTube – Not for its entertainment value, but for learning how to do stuff. Like replacing the run capacitor on my AC unit to avoid being robbed by the AC technician.
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Read my spoiler-free review here.
  • Alaska – Took a cruise with family to visit Alaska for the first time and loved it. Glad it’s part of the USA!

Happy New Year, everyone!


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