Behold, the Ninja Lanternshark

Don’t feel ashamed that you, avid Shark Week fan and self-proclaimed shark aficionado, have not even heard of this awesome specimen. It is a new species of black shark that glows in the dark:

The ninja lanternshark’s common and scientific names aren’t the only features that stray into the fantastical; it even looks as if it were designed by children. The small, deep-sea-dwelling sharks have jet-black skin and bulbous eyes, making them a fearsome sight for a fish that only grows to be about a foot-and-a-half long. As Vásquez tells Jason Bittel for Hakai Magazine, the ninja lanternsharks are stealthy, using glowing cells embedded in their skin to blend in with what little light penetrates the deep waters where they make their home, and also rendering them invisible from below.

Quick, somebody name their sports team after this animal!


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