That didn’t take long: Genesys acquires SpeechStorm

Ireland-based SpeechStorm must have really impressed Genesys with its four AppFoundry offerings: Personalized IVR, PCI Payments, Visual IVR, and Mobile eXperience. The technology partner was one of the first featured Genesys AppFoundry companies announced in October, and now merely two months later SpeechStorm is part of Genesys.

Analysts and PR folks may be throwing the catchphrase “omnichannel” around a lot when discussing this acquisition, but SpeechStorm’s advertised core competency is IVR expertise, especially when it comes to rapid development and deployment. Its Personalized IVR and Visual IVR solutions are nicely packaged, and if you peel back the layers it’s all about the efficient framework and complex interactions of application code.

Omnichannel may sound a lot sexier, but when it comes to customer self-service the front-line IVR still reigns supreme. Don’t know about you, but I’m still unable to retrieve my bank account balance using Twitter. My Internet provider has a Facebook page, but it’s generally flooded with gripes and complaints – no self-service there (I’d be lucky to get any service from that). A box that spews prompts and music may not seem much, but it’s likely the customer’s first encounter with a company.

The genesis of Genesys’ IVR – Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) – came primarily from the acquisitions of Telera (2002) and VoiceGenie (2006). With the buyout of SpeechStorm, Genesys continues to enhance this critical part of its overall omnichannel strategy.


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