Ex-Nortel employees run massive patent consortium

Nortel is no longer with us, but its legacy is without denying. And not just from the old Nortel PBXs and desk phones you still see once in a while, but something of greater impact to businesses.

Patents. Thousands of them.

Google was interested in acquiring Nortel patents. So was Apple, BlackBerry, Microsoft, Sony, and other tech firms. Finally these Google competitors formed an alliance to outbid Big G under the entity known as Rockstar Consortium.

Rockstar produces nothing. It is purely a firm created to manage and license over 4,000 patents owned by the demised Nortel. From its website you’d never know that the company is really a patent proxy of Apple, Microsoft, and others. Some may even regard it as a patent troll owned by these tech giants.

It has gone after some big names in tech: Google (of course), Samsung, and Huawei.

It’s run by ex-Nortel exec John Veschi and employs several ex-Nortel engineers whose jobs are to find out if other company products infringe on any of Rockstar’s patents.

So even if Nortel PBXs and phones are being lifted out of an office, you can be assured that Nortel doesn’t really go away. It’ll be around for a much longer time…


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