Enterprise Connect 2014: Dolby tackles audio conference woes (background barking dog unharmed)

What better way to start Enterprise Connect coverage than writing about something we all love to hate in our daily work?

Conference calls.

While the likes of Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, NEC, and Unify demonstrate their awesome videoconferencing technologies, Dolby stands aside focused on solving the immediate problems of audio in the traditional conference call.

According to Dolby scientists and engineers, the root of the problem is in our brain. In the traditional conference call all the audio is coming out from a single source, which makes our brain work harder on decyphering who’s speaking rather than the content of the call. Ever end a conference call only to think how unproductive it was? Now you know. Thanks, Dolby!

The audio experts at the company came up with Dolby Voice, and in partnership with BT MeetMe, they claim to improve the conference experience by making the audio sound as if you are in the same room with others (audio with spatial cues).

To kick it up a notch, you can even own a piece of this high-tech audio tech right on your desk with the Dolby Voice Conference Phone. Your coworkers will be jealous, and so will the little grey aliens.

Unfortunately, as advanced as Dolby Voice is, I do not see in the specifications that it can mute barking dogs and/or crying children while on a call. In fact, with this conference phone I may feel as if the other person’s dog or crying kid is right next to me…


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