Enterprise Connect 2013: Day one from afar

Back in 2010 when Enterprise Connect was still VoiceCon, I wrote about how VoiceCon was more like VideoCon. There were quite a few vendors showcasing video solutions even back then, but most of the talk was about superiority, i.e. my video portfolio can beat up your video portfolio. It was also more about the infrastructure to deliver video solutions. SIP was all the rage and the Apple iPad was close to its debut on April 3, 2010.

Who would’ve guessed that WebRTC would take Enterprise Connect 2013 by storm…

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Yes, WebRTC. The video-over-web framework that geeks swoon over. It’s not even a standard yet so there’s no cross-browser compatibility. Sure, there are demos and prototypes right now, but they are based on Google’s idea of WebRTC. Microsoft has its own idea for WebRTC, and Apple isn’t even talking about this technology yet. But there was plenty of buzz about it at the conference. The organizers even started off the first day with a mini conference dedicated to WebRTC in the enterprise, which jam packed the rooms beyond capacity. With such high anticipation and interest from the attendees, I already know what type of press releases are coming out from vendors in the next few days…

Dave Michels also moderated the Innovation Showcase, but I think all the Monday hype about WebRTC sort of overshadowed that presentation. That’s a shame but luckily it’s caught on video for your viewing pleasure on NoJitter.com (sorry, embedding not allowed).

Aspect also launched its rebranding at Enterprise Connect 2013. I like the redesigned logo and the colorful new website, although there are still some kinks to be worked out (e.g. broken permalinks of blog posts). You’re welcome.

Something to ponder: Is it awkward for Genesys to see Alcatel-Lucent at the conference? ‘Cause I heard ALU dumped Genesys, but now Genesys hangs out with some wealthy European dude. So rich that Genesys is giving away money at the show:

Speaking of everybody’s favorite CTI shop… Congrats to Ian Jacobs for his new role at Genesys and Brian Riggs for his new role at Ovum. I’ve always appreciated their insight into the contact center industry, although now I suspect Ian will be slightly biased (it’s all good — I still enjoy reading his stuff).

Honestly, I wish I was there with you, dear conference attendees. It’s a great show, but of course there are always some folks you meet who you wish you could shut them up… like this:

Can’t wait until Day Two when the infomercials come alive on stage!

P.S. Perfect excuse for boob gazing at the show… Tweet of the Day Award goes to:



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