Genesys strengthens speech analytics and WFO with UTOPY acquisition

Sponsored by Angel, a leading provider of cloud-based Customer Experience solutions for IVR and contact centers.

There’s no shortage of excitement coming from Genesys since the new year. On Jan. 28 the company announced record revenues year over year to the tune of $610 million. But the bigger news came a day later as it made public its first acquisition in 2013, a company with a funny name, UTOPY.

Genesys continues to lead in the industry because of its comprehensive contact center software suite. It may have taken them 7.6 tries to really impress the field, but now into 8.x versions everyone agree that it’s a very solid platform. The platform connects with just about any PBX out there and offers a good reporting package. It jumped on the SIP bandwagon at the right time and now SIP-based solutions account for a big chunk of its deployments. It beefed up reporting within the past few years by redesigning the architecture and utilizing a better reporting tool. It saw the social media trend and came out with Genesys Social Engagement.

But there are a few chinks in its armor.

First is WFO. Although Genesys claims it has an integrated WFO solution, it rarely appears at customer sites. Most customers go with other WFO vendors, which of course can interface with the Genesys platform. So it’s still a win-win situation for everybody.

Second, speech analytics. This is going to be big in the coming years as companies accumulate mountains of data from the contact center (well, a smart contact center would gather as much data as it could). Each customer interaction with an agent is valuable is so many ways: it’s a snapshot of customer satisfaction, agent capability, brand awareness, marketing reach, etc. Makes sense to keep that interaction data, the voice recording and accompanying CTI information. But data without analysis is useless. That’s why speech analytics can play a tremendous role.

The UTOPY acquisition takes care of WFO and speech analytics. Good timing, too. Both companies are headquartered in the Bay Area, so there shouldn’t be too many problems relating to corporate cultures post acquisition. It’ll be interesting to see how Genesys packages UTOPY into its overall platform and how long before that happens.

Third, outbound. Okay, so outbound may be a boring area, but it’s still something that Genesys isn’t known for. Plus, outbound now means proactive delivery of multichannel alerts to customers, instead of those annoying dinnertime telemarketer calls. Have you gotten an airline call about a flight delay? A text message about a parcel in transit? An email about a recent stay at a hotel? A tweet for a coupon at your favorite cafe?

Will there be a future acquisition to boost outbound capabilities? There are very few players in this niche segment, and it’s often overlooked among contact centers. The demand certainly exists, and if any contact center software vendor hopes to stay well-rounded — well, it cannot ignore a portfolio without outbound capabilities.

Sponsored by Angel, creator of Lexee, a new self-service solution that voice activates ANY mobile application.


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