Genesys certified for Microsoft Lync

Well this is it — there’s nothing left in telephony that won’t work with Genesys.

Genesys SIP Server has been certified to work with Microsoft Lync Enterprise Voice. This means all the CTI goodness of Genesys can now be enjoyed by contact centers running on Lync.

There aren’t many Lync powered contact centers, I know, compared to those running on other platforms. But I have seen one with my own eyes, and it was a beautiful sight.

We all agree that Microsoft has a stronghold on everybody’s desktop. Microsoft Office absolutely dominates your daily workflow. You may hate Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but misery loves company — and there are millions of others. Lync was Microsoft’s great leap into UC, but seriously though, there’s no money in UC (yet). What Microsoft’s really after is telephony.

Just think about how much money your company has dumped into the telephony infrastructure. The PBXs, the circuits, the IVRs, the agent phones, etc. Then you had to purchase more gears and vendor time to upgrade from TDM to IP. Yep, Microsoft wants a piece of that action, and they’ve come out to say it: replace your PBX with Lync.

The Lync-powered contact center I witnessed ran its own speech-enabled “IVR” (menu-drive auto-attendant?) and routing engine. The customizations were all home brew and worked pretty good. But we all know that there’s a reason Genesys stays #1 in the contact center applications area: solution completeness and enterprise scaleability. That Lync-powered, highly-customized contact center was cool, but it was only cool for them.

There’s a lot of potential now that Genesys and Lync are BFFs. Lync becomes much easier to sell to contact center directors who undoubtedly know about Genesys. And Genesys no longer has to show a long face when hearing about Lync in the enterprise. Interesting times ahead…

See it for yourself:

DALY CITY, CA – January 9, 2013 – Genesys, a leading provider of customer service solutions, today announced that it has integrated Microsoft Lync with its industry leading customer service platform. The integration of Microsoft Lync and Genesys creates a combined voice platform, enabling companies to unify Contact Center interactions and Enterprise Communications. By incorporating Genesys’ industry leading skills-based routing, reporting and multi-channel customer service capabilities, the joint solution will deliver voice and instant messaging (IM) interactions originating from any Lync enterprise device to agents.

News Facts:

  • Microsoft Lync is a unified communications (UC) platform used by organizations of all sizes for communications. Through the Lync integration, Genesys will now help companies consolidate their enterprise communications (external and internal) and contact center into one combined solution – without the need for expensive PBX hardware. Ultimately, Genesys and Lync will improve first call resolution by finding the right available resource, at the right time, via enterprise-wide directory search and ad-hoc conferencing.
  • Microsoft Lync provides several levels of functionality that are particularly effective for use in conjunction with Genesys’ SIP Server and Customer Interaction Management platform, such as real-time user status (available, busy, out of office, etc), and enabling companies to route calls to available agents wherever they may be stationed. As a result, organizations using both remote agents and contact center employees can better direct enquiries based upon the status of any given agent while increasing efficiency of service.
  • Through a rigorous testing process, Genesys has met the requirements of the Lync ISV Qualification Program, which is designed to ensure that qualified applications meet customer expectations for specific scenarios.

Supporting Quotes:

“The integration of Genesys SIP Server with Microsoft Lync Enterprise Voice empowers Contact Center agents to enjoy the rich collaboration and multimedia capabilities offered by Lync when communicating with their peers, while also extending these capabilities out to their customers,” said Merijn Te Booij, Vice President of Products and Strategy, Genesys. “The advantages of running the same Unified Communication platform in the contact center and the wider enterprise are obvious but compelling: enhancing collaboration throughout the business to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver the best outcomes for customer service.”

“Tearing down the walls and extending the advantages of unified communications into the realm of customer service makes organizations fully connected to key stakeholders and customers that have traditionally been on the outside looking in.” said Jon Morrow Sr. Program Manager Partner Engineering, Microsoft Lync.

Additional Information:

Microsoft Qualified Lync Applications for the Contact Center

About Genesys:

Genesys is the world’s leading provider of customer service and contact center software and services —with a 100% focus on customer experience and mission to save the world from bad customer service. With more than 2,000 customers in 80 countries, Genesys is uniquely positioned to help companies bring their people, insights and customer channels together to drive today’s new customer conversation. Genesys software directs more than 100 million interactions every day from the contact center to the back office, helping companies deliver fast, simple service and a highly personalized cross-channel customer experience. Genesys software also optimizes processes and the performance of customer-facing employees across the enterprise.

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