Cloud lets IT be IT again

This blog post is sponsored by the CIO Collaboration Network and Avaya.

Do you ever wonder: when did IT stopped being IT?

Do you remember the good ol’ days (when client-server computing first took off) when the IT department set up a LAN (token ring!) for users to login and use WordPerfect? If you ran into problems the IT folks were more than happy to assist, mostly because they liked to show off this new technology. They served the users. The IT department was always helping the business users with a smile.

As decades went by hardware and software and networks became increasingly hairy beasts to tame. IT became inundated with requests to patch operating systems, reset passwords, poke holes in the firewall, and removing malware. Business users weren’t pleased and neither were IT representatives. Fingers pointed at each other. Blame and shame went both ways.

“Don’t do anything IT didn’t approve!” cried the tech gurus of the enterprise.

“Get your act together so I can do my job efficiently!” the business users complained.

In enterprises across the world the only constant was an internal battle between the IT department and the business. In other words, the IT department against everyone else.

Fortunately, companies are now refreshing their perspective of IT and renewing its relationships with other departments, mostly thanks to cloud computing and a focus on collaboration.

The cloud has freed IT from having to perpetually chase boxes and worry about upgrading infrastructure. An elastic cloud offers features like pay-per-use, scaleability, and low maintenance — things that would’ve taken months — years even! — to plan and accommodate. Now IT has less worries about hardware, software, and networks, and can concentrate on fulfilling business requirements to please the execs, sales directors, and regular business users.

The IT department should always serve the business need, not the other way around. It used to be that way, then we strayed, but luckily the advent of the cloud has restored this critical balance within the enterprise.

Let IT be IT again.

This blog post is sponsored by the CIO Collaboration Network and Avaya.


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