Brain drain continues at Avaya

CRN reports more executive departures at Avaya:

They continue an exodus that started two years ago:

Executive turnover has been relentless at Avaya over the past two years. Major exits from the last 12 months included Jeremy Butt, former vice president, worldwide channels and now heading Westcon EMEA, Carol Giles Neslund, former vice president, U.S. channels, and now at Enphase Energy, Andrew Shepperd, managing director of Avaya’s U.K. and Ireland businesses, Isabelle Guis, former Avaya general manager, Enterprise Communications Business and now at Big Switch Networks, and Martin Ingram, vice president of global critical accounts and services engineering, and now senior vice president and CIO at Arise Virtual Solutions.

A number of former Avaya sales, channel and marketing executives, including Nancy Maluso, former vice president of unified communications product marketing at Avaya, and Peter Polizzi, former senior director of worldwide channel technical sales, have also joined former Avaya global sales boss Todd Abbott at Sonus Networks.

Now that’s a lot of directors, VPs, and SVPs that have left the company. At a time when Avaya’s waiting to IPO and announced a major acquisition (well, since Nortel)…

Cause for concern? You be the judge…


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