Observing Genesys G-Force 2012 Americas from afar

Genesys’ annual G-Force conference is akin to the SuperBowl of CTI in terms of planning, coordination, and publicity. Also, the company holds three G-Forces each year: in the Americas, APAC, and EMEA. For 2012 the venues are in Seattle, Sydney, and Barcelona, respectively.

G-Force Seattle 2012 marks the first G-Force since Genesys’ separation from Alcatel-Lucent. In terms of sponsorship, Echopass stood out as the sole premium sponsor — this is like paying millions for a commercial during SuperBowl. I anticipate Echopass making more waves throughout the year in the Genesys ecosystem. Also notable are the two special sponsors: BearPaw (a past sponsor) and ethosIQ. Both are relatively small integrators, and being able to get on the G-Force sponsorship page is always a plus.

As with any G-Force coverage, most folks are interested in the exciting new products and customer stories. What…? No? You want to learn more about the parties first? Well then, here are some tweeted photos (BTW, official event hashtag is #GForceAmer)…

The two biggest takeaways from G-Force Seattle are: mobile and SIP (again).

Genesys is staying on top of its game with the introduction of Genesys Mobile Engagement, a set of development tools and APIs that enable mobile apps to integrate with Genesys software. This is the fruit of the company’s Mobile Customer Engagement strategy unveiled during last year’s G-Force Melbourne (Australia). The featured customer in mobile engagement was American Airlines, and a company representative took to the stage to tout AA’s mobile app and customer service efforts.

However, if you look at the user reviews and rating of American Airline’s iOS app, it seems to paint a very different picture. A glimpse of recent user reviews of its updated app includes titles like “It just doesn’t work” and “Had to delete it” and “No customer service.”

The “mobile” is there, let’s hope the “engagement” follows…

The other significant announcement was that Genesys SIP Server now outsells TServers. Getting on the SIP bandwagon was probably one of the best initiatives from Genesys.

So Genesys continues to keep up with the trends in SIP and mobile technologies without losing sight of enhancing customer service for its customers. As always, it’ll be interesting to see how its customers implement the tools Genesys provides…


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