Genesys gets new board members, analysts start office pool on selloff date

Today Genesys — now part of the Permira portfolio — announced five new board members. Out of the five, only one (CEO Paul Segre) is the “non-banker,” the rest are partners of private equity outfits.

According to the press release, Genesys will be “into its next phase of growth” post Alcatel-Lucent.

Let’s see… A new board fortified with experienced PE execs and listing “growth” as a goal? Hmmm, what’s Genesys up to…?

It’s not uncommon for the PE mothership to start consolidating its existing portfolio or go on a shopping spree to accessorize a star acquisition. Many of you in the industry have seen or lived through it before, just as I have. PE firms make moves to get an ROI, to make a star even more attractive. Obviously Permira thinks Genesys has what it takes to be a celebrity.

Speaking of celebrities… That must be how some industry analysts feel as they attend the 2012 Genesys Industry Analysts Conference in San Francisco (#giacsf12 in tweetspeak). The conference began on Wednesday, Feb. 22, and I’ve always enjoyed reading the tweets from attendees about the presentations, demos, hotels, pictures of the wines and foods, while I slave away in front of my computer staring at multiple URS and TServer logs… (Okay, slight exaggeration — I am actually staring at multiple Excel spreadsheets. Equally painful to the eyes.)

But really, once in a while during these invitation-only conferences a gem of a tweet will fly by when somebody tweets something s/he’s not supposed to. Sadly, that’s not happened yet this year…

Looks like Genesys also launched a redesigned website. It’s now much easier to access and understand its products and services. I’m glad this guy’s still here to help (I dub him the “Genesys Popup Dude”):

New owner, new website, new board members, but I’m glad that some things haven’t changed.


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