TalkingPointz research reports offer fresh views on UC vendors

Dave Michels is an UC nut. And I mean that in the most complimentary way. That’s why he’s capable of writing these very comprehensive research reports on UC vendors (Mitel Networks and NEC reports are currently available), and I’m grateful that he gave me a courtesy copy to read over. (Disclosure: I do not receive any compensation for this pseudo-review blog post; neither do I receive any sales commission or collect any fees from the sale of TalkingPointz reports.)

I don’t know about you, but in reading most industry analyst research reports I often find myself skipping through a lot, primarily because a lot of the parts read like marketing material from the vendors, plus sometimes I simply want more specifics pertaining to one or two vendors instead of seeing quadrants and waves of leaders and losers (yes, there I said it). Granted, these papers are useful when comparing vendors at a cursory level, and managers stretched for time would appreciate them, but what about for the rest of us information junkies?

What’s good about the TalkingPointz reports? I like how it (in the case of the Mitel Networks Report) starts off with a “Recent Performance” section right after the “Executive Summary.” The reader will understand the currency of the information contained in the report, as well as a peek into the recent financial performance of the vendor. For publicly-traded companies financial data can be obtained quite easily but Michels made it a point to present this upfront. After all, a vendor could be a market leader but running on fumes — and that’s important information to know for any potential customer.

Obviously, the report covers the vendor’s existing product portfolio in detail, SWOT analysis, as well as an interesting “Common Sales Objections” section that any salesperson would find valuable.

But the coolest thing to come out of these reports is Michels’ own TalkingPointz UC Web diagram. Undoubtedly a spark of analyst genius!

Have I got you all excited about TalkingPointz reports? Even though I have permission to post a few sections of the reports I am not going to do it. You’ll have to purchase a copy like everyone else (or obtain a courtesy copy from Michels somehow, such as flying to Denver and twisting his arm). Enterprises and UC vendors alike will find the reports insightful and informative.

According to Michels, TalkingPointz reports on Aastra and Lync are slated to be released in the coming months. Personally, I cannot wait for the Lync report – woohoo!


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