Happy New Year (2011 in review)!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and readership. InsideCTI will soon be two years old — an eternity for any (niche) blog! I’ve come to realize that a great number of you share the same passion for contact center news and customer service principles.

This is evident as the blog saw a 2x increase in visitors and pageviews year-over-year. Okay, maybe I should thank those of you who fell asleep at the keyboard reading the blog and your nose happened to repeatedly hit Reload? I’ll still count those as valid page hits!

Allow me to share some statistics (something we love in dealing with contact centers, no?):

Top 3 Browsers: Internet Explorer (39%), Firefox (26%), Chrome (24%). Google Chrome has really caught on! Interestingly, Android Browser appeared on the list this year with 0.05%.

Top 3 Operating Systems: Windows (79%), Macs (15%), and iPad (3.5%). How amazing is that? The iPad made it to the top three beating out Linux (2%). In fact, the iPad took away some iPhone numbers (0.08% in 2011, 1.6% in 2010) too!

Top 3 Mobile Operating Systems: iPad (96%), iPhone (2%), and Android (2%). The Apple iPad continue to dominate the mobile browsing experience. The sad news? BlackBerry devices registered zero hits in 2011, but actually had 3.44% in 2010.

Top Referrals: Both Facebook and Twitter refer almost equally at 15%, and LinkedIn around 8%. An year ago Twitter dominated Facebook in terms of referrals.

In terms of articles, there was a lot of interest surrounding the award-winning Groupama iPhone customer service app; then there was the drama from the Alcatel-Lucent sale of its Enterprise business (alas only Genesys was sold to Permira for $1.3 billion). Top 5 Articles:

  1. Groupama iPhone app is customer self-service in the smartphone era
  2. Alcatel-Lucent inches closer to selling enterprise business
  3. Four simple rules for new technology evaluation (guest post)
  4. New front runner in Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise sale
  5. Enterprise Connect: NEC UC&C architecture targets IT managers and connected workforce (guest post)

So there you have it, a brief 2011 year in review.

What developments can we anticipate in 2012? Here are my thoughts:

  • Depending on how soon Apple takes Siri out of beta and how open it makes the APIs, we may start to see the beginnings of a mobile speech-enabled customer service app. Much like the innovative Groupama app, except now with speech capabilities.
  • Avaya will finally IPO, but the reception from investors will be dismal because PBXs and communications equipment are boring in the age of social-, mobile-, and location-aware products from young companies.
  • Enterprise video will continue to be hyped, primarily by vendors in order to push their gears. Most workers are content with just something like Skype and Google Hangout.
  • The financial uncertainty in Europe and sociopolitical unrest in countries like Egypt will impact contact center outsourcers and the BPO market. Asia and Latin America will be where these businesses flow.
  • Bella Swan becomes the vampire next door.

Happy New Year and I look forward to bringing you informative and entertaining contact center content in 2012!


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