Siemens Enterprise Communications preps for global relaunch

What’s on the new year resolution list of Siemens Enterprise Communications?

Start referring to itself as SEC and not SEN? Wow businesses in both North America and Europe with cloud solutions? Make Siemens a household name among American contact centers?

Probably all of the above and then some. Adweek reports that the company will dish out $90 million in the coming year to spend on media projects in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, and Brazil:

Horizon Media has won a global media review that began with six agencies before narrowing to three and then two.

Siemens Enterprise Communications selected Horizon to handle the planning and buying of media in the company’s four core markets: the U.S., the U.K., Germany, and Brazil, said Mike Drexler of Drexler Fajen & Partners, the New York-based consultancy that managed the search. Annual media spending is projected at $90 million.

Congratulations to Horizon Media! It’ll be quite a challenge facing off the well-oiled media machines representing the likes of Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya, and Alcatel-Lucent, but Siemens is a very renowned brand as well. A global relaunch and rebranding may be just what the technology decision makers need to see SEN (SEC?) in a different light.


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