LucyPhone enables virtual queuing with just SMS

People who hate being on hold when dealing with a company’s customer service love LucyPhone. The Oristian brothers created the virtual queuing solution to address the frustration from consumers dealing with IVRs and ACDs. Armed with the LucyPhone app on their Androids or iPhones, consumers can have the ever-patient Lucy stay in queue while they continue about their business; when an agent comes on Lucy will call to connect the conversation.

Now LucyPhone gains a new feature: SMS. There’s no need to even dial the initial number anymore:

Here’s how it works: Users have the option to text the name of the company in which they’re trying to reach to 424-999-LUCY. They then will receive a text message with a list of numbers to choose from which will direct them to the correct company and/or department. After a number is chosen, the user will be called by LucyPhone to connect the call to the chosen number . While LucyPhone waits on hold, users have the option to text “S” for the status of the call, “J” for rejoining the call, or “H” for additional help.

How convenient. I gave it a try and Lucy performed beautifully without a hitch.

Text messaging is awesome. Just look at how many messaging apps there are in the Android Marketplace and iTunes App Store. Facebook even bought Beluga and Skype acquired GroupMe. Apple decided to implement its own iMessage in iOS 5. It seems that many people prefer messaging over talking these days. And why not? It is a less disruptive way to communicate (e.g. during class, at a meeting or dinner party), and when paired with a service like LucyPhone, it’s even more appealing and accessible.

(Google Voice users will be happy to know that since LucyPhone uses 424-999-LUCY and not a SMS short code, it will work just fine with GV’s free text messaging.)



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