Microsoft Tellme talks itself into embarrassment against Siri

The Xbox 360 is great. And with Kinect it’s phenomenal. But for Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie to dismiss Apple Siri and brag about Tellme in Windows smartphones?

Utter embarrassment, especially coming from an executive who’s supposed to be the technology visionary of the company. (Heck, we all know Ballmer isn’t the guy.)

Tellme was rumored to have cost $800 million in 2007, but has the technology been stuck in the past?

It’s now evident that the software giant does not consider speech technology important and will likely pay a price for it, much like when it played catch-up during the Web boom. While Microsoft wasn’t looking, Nuance had scooped up dozens of other companies and partnered with Apple to give Siri a voice in the cloud.

And now the blogosphere is abuzz with this:

What does Tellme tell you?


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