Twilio now available in Europe

Silicon Valley-based cloud web telephony darling Twilio has launched its Voice product in the UK as well as opening a new office in East London, allowing developers to finally purchase UK phone numbers and target local users. It’s also serious about expanding in Europe — together with the UK launch, Twilio is offering beta services to developers in Poland, France, Portugal, Austria, and Denmark.

Developers have longed for Twilio to go international, and now three years later it’s finally happened. The company hopes to reach 11 more countries by the end of this year (um, two more months?!).

That’s one way to spend the $12 million raised about an year ago. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to have the attention of Valley super angels Dave McClure and Ron Conway. Not only do they back Twilio but also came up with the Twilio Fund “for startups that use Twilio’s messaging platform.”

Back in September Twilio signed up Zendesk (another well-funded Silicon Valley startup) as a major customer, and incidentally both companies seem to have aligned their European ambitions — Zendesk recently opened its London office, and will offer Zendesk Voice to its European customers as well.

On the other hand Tropo, a major competitor that’s backed by Orlando-based Voxeo, was first to offer international availability, but now it looks like there’s going to be an intense race to lure developers from across the pond and beyond.


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