OpenVBX now works with Tropo

OpenVBX is an open source Web-based business phone system that’s powered by Twilio. It’s just like a lightweight PBX with typical features such as menus, voicemail, messaging, etc. except there’s one catch: it requires Twilio as the cloud telephony provider.

Not cool, right?

That requirement translates to OpenVBX having some limitations such as no international numbers or international SMS, along with some, shall we say, “speech impediments.” The good folks at Disruptive Technologies kindly released OpenVBX 2.0 that incorporates bug fixes, Tropo compatibility and features, and VoiceVault biometrics API.

Or as Chris Matthieu of Voxeo (backers of Tropo) puts it, OpenVBX has been “jailbroken“:

The coders at Disruptive Technologies added full support for the the Tropo API and Phono SIP-based VoIP web phone to the communications layer of the OpenVBX project. Of course, when selecting the Tropo API, users will now get access to all of the more advanced features of the Tropo network: speech recognition and text-to-speech in 24 languages, phone numbers in over 40 countries, international SMS, in/outbound SIP VoIP support, inbound Skype support, multiple phone numbers per callflow script, improved conferencing.

Disruptive Technologies also extended OpenVBX with the VoiceVault API to support Voice Biometrics in password resets. After adding VoiceVault credentials on the API Accounts Tab, the password reset dialog will provide an option to request a phone call to reset your OpenVBX account password.

Giving users more choices is always awesome especially in the exciting world of Web telephony. It’s also interesting to note that Tropo is Twilio’s biggest competitor and each command a loyal following of developers.

Now I cannot wait to see the next iteration of OpenVBX…


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