Exodus Software releases License Audit Service for Genesys

Exodus Software has some interesting product ideas brewing across the pond (HERA, for example), and today it’s debuted a License Audit Service (LAS) for the Genesys CTI platform.

Licensing typically takes up a big chunk of the overall expenditures in a CTI deployment, and as with most any other software licensing procurement, the recommendation is to “buy into the future” to accommodate for growth. However, this being the real world, there are times when the growth projection is off, or the economic climate requires re-evaluating license costs, or frankly you just want to know for sure how the licenses are being consumed.

Exodus claims that LAS can help “reduce (annual) license support costs by as much as 30%”… That’s quite a staggering number, especially when some big contact centers house thousands of agents.

Details (e.g. demo, pricing, etc.) are available from the brochure (PDF).


One thought on “Exodus Software releases License Audit Service for Genesys

  1. HI,

    I’ve had some direct enquiries with concerns about both commercial and also technical licensing across the Genesys Solutions.  To clarify;

    >This Service provides a low-level insight into the number of Seat Licenses currently in use for Inbound Voice, Outbound Voice and Multimedia Channels across a single Genesys Platform.
    >The cost saving aspect is related to a possible reduction in the number of licenses within the *support* contract – not in the number of licenses originally purchased.
    >30% reduction is typical for Inbound and Multimedia however it can be much higher saving for Outbound, where a customer only runs “Campaigns” on an irregular basis with a small number of staff.




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