SpeechTEK: Picks for Wednesday

Please also check out the first and second part of this series. Remember to contact me if you’d like to share your SpeechTEK experience as a guest blogger.

Wednesday, August 10 is the last day of the conference. Are the best sessions saved till the last?

SD301 – When Clients Become Designers – Carrie Nelson (Sr. Speech Software Engineering Consultant, Avaya)

An interesting topic for consultants. Is there a delicate balance and how to achieve it?

A302 – Recent Changes in Speech Patent Law – K.W. “Bill” Scholz (President, NewSpeech), Mark Webbink (Visiting Profession & Executive Dir., New York Law School), Steven Hoffberg (Partner, Ostrolenk Faber LLP), Marie Meteer (Executive Dir., Speech Technology Consortium), Mark Powell (Dir. Communications Technology Area, USPTO)

There has been lots of news about patents lately: from “patent trolls” targeting independent Apple App Store developers to Google losing out on acquiring Nortel patents to Microsoft’s involvement in Android patents. It appears that tech companies are boosting their firepower in the Patent Battles. Definitely an area to pay attention to in the speech industry as well.

D301 – Innovative Uses of Speech Technology – David Thomson (PMTS, AT&T Labs), Brad Kayton (CEO, Vgo Communications), K.W. “Bill” Scholz (President, NewSpeech)

IVRs, smartphone apps, dictation software, etc. — but what else can speech tech apply to? This session explores speech’s role in robotics and language learning. How cool is that?


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