SpeechTEK: Picks for Monday

Did you know that SpeechTEK 2011 is in NYC next week? I was there last year and had a blast. Not only did I meet with several exhibitors but also got to catch up with a couple of local friends.

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend this year. Yes, I’m quite bummed about it, but I will be in Washington, D.C. area to begin a new chapter of my career.

I’ll definitely be following the #SpeechTEK action on Twitter and via other channels. I also welcome guest posts about this event  — please contact me!

There are so many interesting topics being offered, but here are my picks and comments about the Monday sessions:

SD102 – Voice Mashups and the Rise of APIs – Dan York (Dir. of Communications, Voxeo)

This is definitely a trend in the industry and something to pay attention to. Dan’s employer, Voxeo, is one of the many that’s in the forefront of this trend (e.g. Tropo). Even Google and Alcatel-Lucent are deep in this game. Plus, it’s presented by master blogger and tweeter (Twitterer? Tweep?) Dan York. My advice: make sure you’ve had plenty of caffeine in your veins for this first morning session to keep up with Dan.

SD104 – How to Choose the Right Consultant – Richard Hathaway (Principal Consultant, RLH Telecom Solutions)

Because I’ve been a consultant and would like to see what others say about this. An old previous post sort of touched on this topic.

A104 – Improve Speech Applications Through Customer Feedback – Michael Smith (Solutions Architect, Avaya), Peter Leppik (President/CEO, VocaLabs)

With all the advanced speech technologies at our disposals, little focus has been on effective evaluation and feedback mechanisms. This could to be an eyeopener for many session attendees.

A105 – Effective Use of Local Information – Darla Tucker (Dir. Strategic Customer Solutions, Convergys), Jay Malin (Managing Director, AGENT511), Patrick Ehlen (Lead Software Engineer, AT&T)

Location-aware apps are showing up left and right. From traditional mapping software to social networking sites to daily coupon offerings, there is no escape from this. Your location information is valuable to many companies, and with proper handling that information could enhance your customer service experience. The famous Groupama iPhone app, for example, passes location information to the contact center agent without the user having to take extra steps.

B101 – What Users Expect From Multichannel Self-Service – Jenni McKienzie (Voice Interaction Designer, Travelocity), Lizanne Kaiser (Sr. Principal Business Consultant, Alcatel-Lucent Genesys), Peter Leppik (President/CEO, VocaLabs), Rebecca Nowlin-Green (Principal Business Consultant, Nuance)

Do you really know? These industry experts should be able to shed some light.

C102 – Using Biometrics to Improve Workflow and Prevent Fraud – Valene Skerpac (President, iBiometrics), Julia Webb (EVP Sales & Marketing, VoiceVault), Nik Stanbridge (Dir. Product Marketing, VoiceVault)

Some would say that biometrics technology is still in its infancy, but this infant is surely growing up fast. It is something that’s starting to show up on many vendor’s radar.

D102 – Make Better Decisions With Multichannel Analytics – Grant Shirk (Dir. Industry Solutions, Microsoft), Daniel Ziv (VP Customer Interaction Analytics, Verint), Dan York (Dir. of Conversations, Voxeo)

If you’re involved in a multichannel contact center deployment, no doubt that you’ve amassed gigantic amounts of data about the customer and the interaction. Then what???

Stay tuned in the coming days for my Tuesday and Wednesday picks…


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