Siemens Enterprise backer Alec Gores in Hollywood lawsuit

News broke Wednesday that Alec Gores, founder/CEO/chairman of The Gores Group, is tangled up in a Hollywood lawsuit over illegal poker games. We’re all familiar with The Gores Group, of course, being a major backer of Siemens Enterprise Communications. The Los Angeles-based private equity firm also owns (or partly owns) other communications companies like Enterasys Networks and Sagemcom.

Some of the others named in the suit: Toby Maguire (Spider-Man), Nick Cassavetes (The Notebook director), Cody Leibel (record label owner), and Andrew Sasson (Las Vegas real estate developer). Supposedly Matt Damon (Bourne Identity franchise), Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic), and Ben Affleck (Good Will Hunting) were also participants in these high stakes poker games, but they’re not part of the lawsuit.

Read the court documents courtesy of RadarOnline here.


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