Guest post: VidyoPanorama promises personal immersive telepresence at 90% off

John Stepp, president of Free Tech Consultants, shares his analysis of Vidyo’s latest product announcement — VidyoPanorama.

The video on their web site looks a lot like a Hollywood Squares game, but Vidyo is sending shock waves throughout the videoconferencing world with this stunning announcement.  Think Vidyo was set back by the Polycom–HP alliance which severed ties between Vidyo and HP?  In a word, no.  Telepresence VARs will be clamoring to get on board now.  It will be interesting to see how Cisco/Tandberg and Polycom react to this gate crashing move next week at InfoComm 2011 in Orlando.  I have already reported on this blog how Vidyo’s unique VidyoRouter Cloud Edition touts a five to ten times reduction on WAN bandwidth compared to dedicated connections and by allocating bandwidth when and where you need it, you can proliferate video to many more users in your organization or group. VidyoPanorama sets the ROI bar even higher.

Now, Vidyo can tout the same immersive room telepresence as their larger rivals. As Young-Sae Song, VP of Product and Channel Marketing, explains, “At the end of the day, the quality of the interaction is not determined by the furniture or lighting but the immersive quality of the video itself. The video needs to be VGA quality or better for the face of each participant with real time voice and video synchronization whether the person is participating from a high end room system or an iPad 2. Vidyo delivers on these requirements with the best quality video and makes video conferencing universally available with its Adaptive Video Layering technology, which makes it possible to do video conferencing with a simple Internet connection. And the best part of the Vidyo solution is that we provide all this for about 10% of the cost of the other solutions in the market today.”

Next week at InfoComm, I will do an in depth analysis on Vidyo and the reactions to the VidyoPanorama announcement. And of course, I will be asking the tough questions about potential Hollywood Squares patent infringement.


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