CenturyLink to eliminate Qwest brand

Could this be the industry branding gaffe of 2011?

An year ago CenturyTel (CenturyLink, whatever — I swear this company has an identity crisis) acquired Qwest. Now it’s on a public awareness campaign to transition (i.e. eliminate) the Qwest brand altogether. There’s even an official website dedicated to the merger.

The (IMO) better-known brand Qwest will be going away soon. The headquarters will remain in Monroe, La., too:

Separately, CenturyLink executive vice president Stacey Goff disclosed two weeks ago that the company had to work hard to keep its headquarters in Monroe rather than relocating to Denver.

Yes, the third largest U.S. telecom company decided against Denver as its new HQ, even though I’m pretty sure there are more resources, talent, and better infrastructure in the Mile-High City.

Eliminating the Qwest brand, staying in Monroe — sounds like some good ol’ we-acquired-you-not-the-other-way-around politicking going on? Did somebody say culture clash?

Best of luck, CenturyLink. And Qwest, your brand will be missed.


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