Skype boasts 30 million concurrent users

On its corporate blog Skype officially announced a new record of 30 million simultaneous users. And it still wants you to reach out and touch someone:

A few hours ago, Skype passed a new milestone. There were 30 million people, online on Skype, at the same time.

As we cut the (blue) cake at Skype HQ, it’s a good opportunity to remind you that if there’s someone in your life who doesn’t use Skype, there’s never been a better time to tell them about all the wonderful things you can do – video calling on computers, mobiles and TVs, great value calls to phones, instant messagingsending filesand more.

All of which helps you do things with the people who matter, even when you’re on the other side of the world – or right next door.

I don’t know about you, but just about everyone I know is a Skype user. There’s nobody else for me to convert.

With all the talk about unified communications, it appears that Skype would be the first to achieve mass adoption, albeit primarily among consumers. That’s not to say its features are not enterprise-ready, however. Skype has added group video and screen sharing — two common utilities popular among workers.

In an UCC world where vendors seem obsessed with interoperability, Skype’s unprecedented popularity is noteworthy because it’s always used proprietary technology. Yet that hasn’t stopped more users from using it. Which vendor today wouldn’t want to sell 30 million seats of its UC product, right?

Also, Skype didn’t have to make a tablet to push sales, either. Chew on that for a while.


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