Enterprise Connect: Sipera Systems wants you to securely SIP

What’s not to love about SIP and VOIP, right? Cost savings, easier setup, cool features. Yet more often than not your IT department will enforce having virus scanners on the PCs, but does nothing about that shiny IP phone on the desk. As far as the network goes, that IP phone is another data device subject to be victimized by malware and DDoS threats out there.

Richardson, TX-based Sipera Systems has about 50 employees focused on delivering products and services to address security issues surrounding UC and VOIP communications. This is also a company backed by well-known VCs such as Sequoia Capital (funded many, many tech companies we all know today, like Google, Oracle, YouTube, etc.) and Star Ventures (which also invests in video darling and conference exhibitor, Vidyo).

Obviously Sipera has attracted the attention of some powerful Silicon Valley money brokers.

The company is well positioned in the market with the explosion of UC and SIP endpoints. A primary roadblock in selecting UC within the enterprise is security. Moving to UC often gives the IT Director a very good reason to freak out. Enter Sipera with its UC-Sec Appliances to ensure the UC and VOIP traffic is from authenticated sources and encrypted for privacy. According to Adam Boone, VP of Marketing and Product Management, UC-Sec appliances provide application-layer security and comes in a 1U or 2U box that’ll fit in most data center racks.

Furthermore, Sipera now plans to enter the red hot SBC (Session Border Controller) market with its E-SBC offering. This market has seen tremendous growth for companies like Acme Packet and even Avaya now sells SBCs. The E-SBC is unique in that it features the SIP Trunk Integration Module (STIM) that significantly simplifies SIP trunk deployment to two hours or less in many standard configurations. It also fits an enterprise of any size — from 20 to 10,000 concurrent sessions — and priced competitively at 10% of the cost of competitors’ in some configurations.

But Sipera has another weapon in its SIP security arsenal: VIPER Lab. This is its research facility with a team of experts that you don’t want to mess with when it comes to UC and VOIP security. The VIPER Lab’s goal is to advance UC and VOIP security with its research and release useful tools to help others harden their SIP infrastructure.

As UC and VOIP becomes more prevalent it’s likely to attract attention from people with ill intentions. Hackers can now disrupt a business by bringing down a website. Imagine what they can do to your UC and VOIP networks. It’s one thing to lose a website and another to lose the ability to communicate across the enterprise.


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