Enterprise Connect: Innovation Showcase winner Radish made delicious

John Stepp, president of Free Tech Consultants, brings us a plateful of Radish goodness from Enterprise Connect 2011.

At their Enterprise Connect booth I spoke with Theresa M. Szczurek, CEO of Radish Systems about their ChoiceView 2.0 product designed for smartphones and mobile devices.  They were an Innovation Showcase winner at Enterprise Connect this week and Theresa was understandably beaming about their acceptance at the show.  The big picture for what they do is the visualization of the contact center.  The interactive screens they push to mobile smart devices enhance the interaction between companies and their mobile callers and improve the ROI of the contact center.

The video revolution is underway and we have now entered an era in which visual interaction will be optimized on all fronts. Radish is taking their product mainstream by making it an overlay to a company’s existing contact center and/or IVR, allowing pictures to be shared between contact center agents and mobile smart device users.  As Theresa explained it, the key value of ChoiceView is its ability to deliver real time visual content to your mobile device instantaneously when it’s needed.  Using the technology with IVRs can save time for the caller and is especially beneficial for use with technicians.  IVRs can become visual IVRs and the screen pops can appear on the mobile device instead of an agent’s desktop.  Saving time for everyone in the contact center and improving customer satisfaction are the drivers for change in a contact center, so the ChoiceView software should garner a lot of interest.

The image above is an example of how the interaction between a live agent and customer can be enhanced by Radish’s ChoiceView 2.0.  A customer with the ChoiceView software accessed via app site has selected the prompt to contact a live agent after not finding the gift they want to send for a birthday present.  The customer has been connected with an agent and after discussing what they want in a birthday gift, the agent has an idea.  But instead of discussing the idea, the agent has seamlessly pushed a picture of that gift with a description and options to buy it now or e-mail it for future consideration.  This type of interaction has many possible permutations suitable for a wide variety of interactions.  Buying anything becomes easier and up selling becomes easier, too. Telemedicine to mobile devices can be streamlined along with many other functions.

One of the benefits touted by Radish systems is that 10 to 15 seconds can be cut from the average talk time due to the agent screen design.  The agent screen shown below includes scripting, call history, drag and drop text messages pushed to callers and automatic dropped call recovery.  These features are possible because of the voice/data connectivity software that works with companies existing communications infrastructure.  No extra hardware is needed.

ChoiceView 2.0 is currently available on the iPhone and iPad.  By the end of March the company plans to release a version for Android. This will take its potential user audience to near saturation point and give them the ability to sell the product much more effectively.  I expect Radish will find that many are willing to trial the product.


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