Enterprise Connect: Updates from Digium and snom

Digium and snom are two companies that have been in the VOIP market for a long time and both are fierce proponents of open source and open standards. This blog has covered them here and here. I spent a little time with both companies at the show to find out how things are going in lately…


Open source FTW

Angie Reed, Product Manager, and Mark Amick, Director of Product Management, were very excited to share with me some latest developments in Asterisk, the open source telephony project primarily known for the IP PBX. Here were the highlights:

  • While most companies are now starting to wake up to the world of unified communications, let’s not forget that Asterisk should be considered a UC pioneer, capable of common UC features even 4-5 years ago
  • Lots of growth in Europe where many governments and municipalities have declared “open source only” in its IT systems
  • Often used in disaster or crisis situations (e.g. Haiti earthquake)
  • Developer community continues to flourish: 8,000 code commits in 2010
  • Asterisk Exchange, an online market place for Asterisk products and services, continues to grow
  • Version 1.10 by AstriCon 2011
  • TCO study Switchvox vs. Other IP-PBX finds over 60% savings on initial investment and 80% on total cost
  • Asterisk SCF (Scalable Communications Framework) will give Asterisk even greater capabilities and capacities; beta by September 2011; version 1.0 by end of 2011


snom knows VOIP

COO Mike Storella graciously took some time to demo snom IP phones (there were a lot!) at the booth. I also found out that the company makes a conference speaker phone to rival Polycom (HD voice and all). If you’re a fan of a multi-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac) IP-PBX then you owe it to yourself to stop by the booth for a snom ONE Free CD. Now due to customer demand, snom makes an actual server — snom ONE plus — to house its software. All snom products are sold through distributors and VARs, however. The company has grown and continues to grow in markets worldwide. (I actually saw quite a few snom IP phones being used at other booths on the show floor.)


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