Connect at Enterprise Connect

Voice communications is not going away, but it was necessary to revamp VoiceCon as Enterprise Connect to reflect the nature of communications in today’s business world. After all, traditional voice vendors have moved on to make IP a central theme in everything they offer, so why should VoiceCon remain VoiceCon, right?

The usual suspects will still descend upon Orlando for Enterprise Connect. I’m sure the conference halls will be decked out with giant banners and flags from “diamond sponsors” — so-called because of their deep pockets? — as well as keynotes featuring these company executives. Yes, I will admit that at times it seems more like a corporate conference where execs paint a flowery picture of the company’s future and marketing folks espouse the benefits of their products. In other words, there will be lots of spin.

But that’s to be expected in any industry trade show or conference. More important are the great workshops offered during the event and the opportunities to connect with organizations and people.

I also expect some talk about tablet and other mobile devices. Resistance is futile — mobile devices will be a significant part of any enterprise communication plan. Whether it’s an enterprise issuing smartphones to its employees or companies making mobile apps or offering apps as part of its product portfolio, I’m almost certain that we’ll see quite a few demos on the iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

I’m happy to have attended the final VoiceCon and now will attend the first Enterprise Connect. What great timing to mark this historic transition. Be sure to check back next week for some live (also @insideCTI), semi-live, and always lively coverage of the event!

Will you be attending? What are you most interested in? What do you want to see covered on the blog?


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