eLoyalty featured on Wired.com, RightNow hip to attend SXSW

I want to share a couple of recent tidbits that caught my attention…

Wired.com’s Epicenter featured Lake Forest, Ill.-based eLoyalty in a piece titled “Meet the Company That Records Your Calls for Quality Assurance.” It’s an intriguing read and the company does seem to have an effective product, but why haven’t most people heard of eLoyalty and what it does? Personally I have heard of the company before, but primarily about its contact center consulting (e.g. IVR and CTI development). Behavioral analytics sounds fascinating — even Forbes covered it — but maybe the idea is still fairly new to the industry? After all, the industry hasn’t even reached its prime in speech analytics, and any talk of behavioral analytics will probably cause executives’ heads to explode. Unfortunately, eLoyalty still operates in the red, and revenues from its services outpace from products almost 5 to 1. Services revenues seem stagnant in recent years as well as growth of its products revenues.

Last year Alcatel-Lucent proved it can be hip by attending SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin and sponsoring the EventAPI Lounge. This year RightNow Technologies’ Chief Solutions Officer David Vap, along with Dave Carroll of United Breaks Guitars fame, will be at there headlining the Social Hotline session. It’ll be interesting to see the reaction from SXSW attendees.


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