Again, the doom of enterprise tablets

Earlier this year I cautioned against companies making tablets specifically marketed for the enterprise.

The facts laid before our eyes are that consumer tablets, especially the Apple iPad, are making inroads into the enterprise with lesser resistance and greater enterprise-friendly security features.

From Network World:

“Enterprise CIOs are adding iPad to their approved device list at an amazing rate,” Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer said recently. “Today, over 80 percent of the Fortune 100 are already deploying or piloting iPad, up from 65 percent in the September quarter. Some recent examples include JPMorgan Chase, Cardinal Health, Wells Fargo, Archer Daniels Midland, Sears Holdings and DuPont.”

A major reason that iPads are being accepted in the enterprise is that Apple significantly upgraded its iOS operating system last summer to include a number of enterprise-friendly security features.

Now the next question may be, But can another tablet device co-exist and complement the iPad in the enterprise?

To which I say, Just stop it! First, nobody wants to carry two tablets. That’d defeat the purpose of mobility, wouldn’t it?

Second, there is no enterprise tablet market. Consumer tablets are powerful enough to be used in the enterprise. If a company continues the path to make and market an “enterprise tablet,” then it’s a company that’s very out of touch with market trends and demands.

The market for mobile enterprise applications, on the other hand, has room to grow. After all, a tablet is just a piece of shiny glass without useful apps.


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