Five reasons to attend StartupCamp 3

StartupCamp 3 is just a few days away (Thursday, Feb. 3 from 4-8:30pm EST) and if you haven’t decided whether to show up at this event or not, let me give you five reason to make the effort:

  1. It’s co-located with ITEXPO East in Miami which starts Tuesday, Feb. 1. So if you’re already registered for ITEXPO, you won’t need to do anything else but show up at the door (though RSVP is appreciated).
  2. Craig Walker is one of the keynote speakers. Never heard of him? If you use Google Voice then you have Walker to thank. He was the co-founder and CEO of GrandCentral which was later acquired by Google. Prior to that he was CEO of Dialpad (one of the first consumer VOIP providers) which got bought by Yahoo!. Walker knows the VOIP market.
  3. Hear pitches from more than a dozen startups in the communications space. In a wide spectrum of applications. And I mean wide.
  4. Weather forecast for Miami on Thursday is high 80/low 68, while most of the Midwest and Northeast are under a severe winter weather advisory. If your nearest airport hasn’t frozen over and still allowing planes to takeoff, consider buying a ticket (maybe one-way) to Miami. Remember to pack a pair of flip-flops and swimsuit.
  5. It’s important to show support to tech startups and the brave entrepreneurs behind them. Apple, Cisco, Dell, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, etc. didn’t become global billion-dollar companies overnight. America needs determined entrepreneurs and innovative startups, now more than ever.

I hope you’re now convinced to attend StartupCamp 3. Feel free to give our readers other reasons to go in the comments section!


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