StartupCamp 3 less than one month away

Of course, if you’re a regular visitor of this blog, you’d know that this StartupCamp is unlike other startup camps. What I’m referring to here is StartupCamp Comms Edition, an event held alongside ITEXPO East in Miami. StartupCamp 3 welcomes early-stage entrepreneurs specializing in communications. The event will take place on February 3, 2011, and this year features prominent Googlers as keynote speakers: Craig Walker of GrandCentral (since evolved as the much-loved Google Voice post acquisition) and Wesley Chan, the father of Google Analytics.

Let me repeat that: Two big guys from Google Ventures are going to be at StartupCamp 3 this year.

Yes, Google hasn’t been shy about its plans to invade the communications space. After all, the company acquired GrandCentral and Gizmo handily. It began offering video on Google Chat. It fused Google Voice with Gmail. (And most of us love it!)

But enough about the Big G. StartupCamp is all about the comm newbies. According to StartupCamp 3’s website, these companies have already applied to be presenters:


Zingaya lets you put a “Call” button on your webpage to let your visitors call you in one click right from their browser. For free. In 1 minute. It’s as easy as embedding a youtube movie into your webpage. Zingaya offers this seamless voice calling capability to website operators – whether it’s a huge e-commerce enterprise or your personal blog. With Zingaya company gets instant bidirectional audio communication channel between visitors and sales/support what increases sales  and improves customer support.


VideoMost is an HD quality, massively multi-point web video conferencing software-only product for licensing to Internet service providers (ISPs, cable and telco operators) and hosting and cloud providers, enabling them to launch video conferencing services under their own brands and compete with Skype, WebEx, Google, etc.

VideoMost delivers a complete, market-disruptive software-only, massively multi-point web-based video conferencing product immediately available for licensing and re-labeling to service providers.  Unlike other video conferencing solutions, VideoMost allows service providers to offer their customers HD quality, high-performance, secure and scalable multi-party video conferencing, document sharing, IM and collaboration.

Call Loop

Call Loop is the Constant Contact for voice and text. We provide a self-serving mobile marketing platform that gives virtually any business an automated way to create a multi-modality marketing campaign using voice, text, and email.

Call Loop integrates with your current email platform like Constant Contact, soon to be CRM systems like SalesForce, and ecommerce platforms like Shopify to easily and automatically synchronize your prospects and customers information to create automated voice and/or SMS text messaging in your marketing campaign.

Impact Dialing

Impact Dialing is the world’s best predictive dialer. If you’re not familiar with predictive dialing, callers dial into Impact Dialing, which then calls out to a list of phone numbers. By monitoring how many people actually pick up, we dial multiple lines to ensure that someone will answer almost every call. Additionally, we track the length of each conversation, so we can deliver a new call shortly after you hang up the previous one.

Large call centers use hardware predictive dialers to keep their callers busy, but smaller businesses and political campaigns often do cyclical work that can’t justify an expensive hardware-based system. Until Impact Dialing, hosted predictive dialers were difficult to use, required special software, and had expensive up-front fees and contracts. Our advantages allowed us to make over 600,000 phone calls for the 2010 political cycle – in less than 4 months after writing our first line of code.

Hoot is a collaborative educational network designed to connect many learners and educators together, thereby bridging geographic, time, and connectivity gaps.  Built on Facebook’s application platform, Hoot creates a virtual study environment.  Hoot’s Facebook application enables users to place Facebook in study mode, which provides users access to an interactive medium of other users also in study mode.  In this environment, Hoot users can collaborate with other friends via screen swap, whiteboard technology, symbol chat, and video/voice conferencing.  Hoot is already the first to provide video conferencing on Facebook via the Open Tok API, which means Hoot is delivering unparalleled technologies on a platform already driven by students.

A marketplace will also soon be established to allow students to find tutors who are auctioning off their time.  The integrity and legitimacy of the marketplace will be upheld through crowed sourcing.  Overall, Hoot strives to place academia in the twenty-first century while encouraging scholastic integrity.


Proven scalable system for attracting and retaining customers to innovative telecom product.

We turned our customers into loyal sales people by generating continuous micro-payments to reward past, and stimulate future, customer referrals. Revenue comes from our international dial-around product, which is unique in the marketplace because of its ease of use and because it gives customers multiple price or quality options to route their call, which also gives us the ability to under-price our competitors.

Zenofon takes new customers by referral only. Allows customers to see graphically everyone they refer, and everyone those people refer.  Zenofon sends back small credits to customer accounts to motivate additional referrals.


Doddle, a new internet telephone innovation, allows users to make VoIP calls anywhere in the world via Doddle’s web based Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phone directly from their webpages. With Doddle’s free online phone service, no registration is required and VoIP is as easy as accessing a webpage. Users just begin using.

Doddle’s webphone improves channels between online visitors and sales and support teams by allowing online visitors to talk to a representative directly from their browser via the company’s website, making the distance between online visitors and contacting the company just a click away. Doddle also makes IVR menu navigation easier.

Regroup Therapy

Regroup therapy helps people tackle issues that limit their satisfaction and improve their quality of life through multiparty video support groups, mediated by licensed professionals. We are a brand new company that has received angel funding from one of the Deans of IE Business School in Madrid. Our pilot program will give support to Postpartum Depression women in 7 US States.

Mental Health patients suffering from a number of conditions often find themselves outside the reach of traditional, in-person mental health services for various reasons. Some are limited by the condition itself; others by their rural location or the fact that they cannot leave their new born babies to seek treatment. We are the first company in our space that aims to bring many therapists and patients together – which when brought to scale means a patient can enter sessions on a rolling basis instead of waiting. This is so important with mental health conditions.

That’s a pretty good list of startups and a great list of speakers! The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the area of communications, and what better time to have folks from Google Ventures being part of it.


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