Consumer telecom goodies from CES 2011

Although most of time this blog covers enterprise communications, there were some interesting stuff out of CES 2011 that may be of interest to readers.

One of the biggest and surprising news came from Skype, and CEO Tony Bates was in the Las Vegas Convention Center to deliver it live: the acquisition of Qik. Mobile video, group video calling, and the new SkypeKit SDK were also highlighted by Bates on stage. All part of the company’s ramp-up to an IPO this year.

On the other hand, VOIP provider Ooma chose to focus solely on consumer voice telephony. It has a good-looking and robust product, but there are no plans to target the video business at all.

And how about that sexy tablet called the BlackBerry PlayBook? RIM booked a pavilion at CES to show the world that it’s serious about the tablet — and it’s not an Android.

More CES 2011 coverage is available on gagagadget — don’t forget to check out the YouTube channel and Flickr group!


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