Apple interested in Nortel patents?

Nortel may have fallen, but its intellectual properties still hold some good value, according to this Reuters report.

Bids are soon due for the patent portfolio of Nortel Networks and among those interested is Apple, propelled by the success of the iPhone to become a relatively new entrant in telecom:

The patents cover wireless handsets and infrastructure, as well as optical and data networking, Internet, Internet advertising, voice and personal computers.

The patents likely to draw the most attention relate to third- and fourth-generation wireless technology such as Long Term Evolution, with device-makers such as Research In Motion, Motorola, and Apple seen as likely bidders.

Of course, Google is in the bidding too. These Silicon Valley tech giants have become a major driving force in the convergence of computing and telecom. Both Google and Apple have enough cash on hand to start a bidding war as well, and we all know that these two companies have evolved from friends to competitors recently.

A bidding war between Google and Apple for Nortel patents — now that’s what I’d call entertainment!


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