Skype reaches for the…sky

We all know that Skype is readying a 2011 IPO, and TechCrunch has uncovered what appears to be a hiring frenzy at the VOIP company for cloud and Web engineers:

We spotted these job postings on Skype’s website, indicating that the company is looking to build a team of cloud and web technology engineers. According to the postings, these staff members will “build an infrastructure capable of supporting hundreds of millions of users.” The products, will deliver “voice, video, chat and presence” to the web and “enable radically new Skype applications.”

A source with knowledge of the matter has confirmed that Skype is indeed building a team to work on cloud products and will be launching a number of web-based applications in the near future.

This area is where Google reigns as it was able to roll out Google Voice and later integrate it within Gmail seamlessly. A cloud-based Skype would surely attract more consumers because the Web is so accessible, but it’s also clear that Skype aims to lure enterprise customers with the collective power and scalability of the cloud.

The question is, How many Google and Cisco engineers will Skype be able to poach?


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