Latest Asterisk 1.8 is out

Just a few days ago Digium proudly released Asterisk 1.8 — over 200 enhancements, security updates, and new features. This version will even work with Google Voice and calendar integration with Outlook, CalDAV, and iCalendar. And that’s in addition to the fancy PBX-y stuff it already does like caller ID, call waiting, hold, transfer, etc.

More reason for any small/medium business to evaluate Asterisk’s potential usefulness in team communications and collaboration.

Also, AstriCon starts today in the nation’s capitol. Too bad I cannot be there to bask for three days in open source nirvana, but if you’re in attendance and feeling generous, why not give us a glimpse by leaving a comment below?

This conference is somewhat refreshing in the telecom industry because you won’t see the usual suspects there — no Cisco, no Avaya, no Siemens, no Microsoft, no Aspect, no Alcatel-Lucent, … There, I just gave you a few good reasons to attend AstriCon next year!


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