Following le Alcatel-Lucent Dynamic Enterprise Tour from afar

Now I know why it took me half a day to find somebody from Genesys to give me an update on a customer’s software order — everyone must’ve been in Paris for the Alcatel-Lucent DET!

Kidding aside, I was finally able to catch up on tweets (thanks @tddupree, @blairplez, @mcgeesmith, @brian_riggs, @SteffWatson, and @LoudyOutLoud) and news about this event… Although it appeared to be more of a sales and marketing showcase with executive keynotes and workshops, there were some interesting nuggets of information to give us a glimpse of how ALU will deal with the dynamic enterprise.

My IC Phone – the smart desk phone

Alcatel-Lucent already knows you love the smartphone that’s in your pocket, but what about on your desk? My IC Phone aims to dazzle you with a sleek, black, business-y, multitouchy IP phone — complete with two USB ports and even a mini-USB keyboard port — so you’ll sit at your desk longer just to admire this phone. The demo reminds me of a 7″ Android tablet slapped on with a speaker and handset. The thing is more than a desk phone! It’s really a phone-puter capable of running widgets and surfing the Web. Oh, my desktop PC does that too?

There’s even an open source SDK to develop apps for My IC Phone. Kudos to ALU for its continued commitment to foster an open development ecosystem. Who knows? Maybe some developer will find a way to write an iPad emulator for My IC Phone…

My gripe? The lame product name. Seriously, for an enterprise product? Here’s an idea: dePhone (as in “dynamic enterprise phone” and paying tribute to the French). Rolls off the tongue nicely in an office setting too… “Hi Paul, can I borrow dePhone?” Got a natural ring to it, don’t you think?

(Okay, perhaps there’s a reason I’m not in marketing.)

HP – the smart partner

HP is the platinum sponsor of the Dynamic Enterprise Tour. The global alliance was formed with ALU in June 2009 for a 10-year commitment. Combining HP’s massive services force with ALU’s communications know-how was definitely a good strategy for HP to expand its offerings and for ALU to reach more customers.

HP has always been a company unafraid of reinventing itself. From pocket calculators to PCs to peripherals to Palm Pre 2, the company is willing to take risks and try new things, even if it means holding hands with a French communications company.

Question: Will there be an HP webOS product coming from Alcatel-Lucent? Discuss.

Genesys – the smart acquisition

A few products and executives from Genesys were featured during this event. Nicolas de Kouchkovsky, Paul Segre, and Eric Tamblyn got to share ideas and solutions about customer engagement across various channels. Not only has Genesys maintained its contact center CTI dominance throughout the years, but its latest products also tackle enterprise issues in the back office and in social media. But more interestingly, according to Eric Pe nisson, General Manager Enterprise Applications, Alcatel-Lucent’s next generation architecture will draw from Genesys SIP Server technology.

This is quite amazing if you consider Genesys being a niche contact center technologies company whereas its parent Alcatel-Lucent has always been a major communications firm. Alcatel-Lucent may be relatively small compared to its competitors, but some of its major acquisitions have demonstrated that the communications company is serious about enterprise applications, and enterprise applications is where the action is these days.


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